• Jean Grey!

  • Wonder Woman!

  • Breath of the Wild cute Zelda

  • Good’ol Cap.

  • Loki! That face tho…

  • SpiderMan!

  • Wind Waker Link

    Another Zelda piece.. I can’t stop.

  • Cute Obi-Wan and Ponda Baba

    Another one of my children’s book style Star Wars pieces. Cute Obi-Wan cutting poor old Ponda Baba’s arm in the Cantina.

  • Episode IX Rey

    Here’s my last Rey in the series I did. This time from Rise of Skywalker.

  • Cute Star Wars High Five

  • Little Breath of the Wild

    I’ve been meaning to do a little Link in Breath of the Wild.

  • Little Harry Potter and Hedwig

  • Little Hermione Granger

  • Luke makes a friend.

    I wanted to make a kind of a children’s book illustration of the Luke and Wampa scene in Empire.

  • Adventure time!

    This is from one of my favorite episodes “Vault of Bones”.


  • Silk


  • Dragon

    Another one of my original Dragon designs.


  • Mercy

    One of my favorite Overwatch Characters!

  • Doctor Who

    This is a piece I did for a private gallery. I wanted to do a cute Doctor and Dalek dynamic. They don’t always have to fight, right?


  • Wizard Concept art

    Who doesn’t like wizards.. I mean really?

  • Batgirl

    This is another Batgirl, this time with the semi-new costume. She’s pretty close to Wonder Woman as one of my favorites as well. I absolutelly love drawing her, I can’t resist that electrifying red hair.

  • Wonder Woman.

    Another day, another Wonder Woman… As I’ve said before, she’s my favorite heroine to draw. This is my take after the announcement of the new costume. Go WW!