• Batgirl

    This is another Batgirl, this time with the semi-new costume. She’s pretty close to Wonder Woman as one of my favorites as well. I absolutelly love drawing her, I can’t resist that electrifying red hair.

  • Wonder Woman.

    Another day, another Wonder Woman… As I’ve said before, she’s my favorite heroine to draw. This is my take after the announcement of the new costume. Go WW!


  • Chewie saves the kids!

    This is cute rendition of the Episode IV holding cells escape scene. I usually like to turn up the “cute” dial way up to 11 when I get the chance. Lots of people loved this at this year’s C2E2. Thank you all!


  • Spider-Gwen

    This is sort of a semi-minimalist Spider-Gwen. I think the design for this character is amazing and I wanted to join in the fun myself.