• Wonder Woman Digital Painting

    One of my favorite things to do is illustrate one of my favorite heroines.

  • Screens

    A few more screens from work I did for the wonderful folks at C2L.

  • Self Portrait

    This is a self portrait digital painting. I never dress like that. Thought I would see what I looked like. 🙂

  • More Digital Painging

    I finally got a chance to get back on the Kael’Thas Sunstrider painting. I like how it turned out I hope you do too.

  • Splash Screen

    This is a vector Splash Screen I did for an iPhone game by the great people at SPLNTR in Chicago. Great project in which I had the pleasure to be involved.

  • Vector Backgrounds

    There are two of the vector backgrounds I created for the amazing people at zombie studios out of Seattle. The Art director there was fantastic to work with. They were used in the iPhone and iPad game MasterBlasters!.

  • More Illustration work.

    This is a frame from a stills presentation for some great folks and company that contributes an excellent resource for the community.

  • Painting Progress… More

    So I was not liking where the Kael’thas Sunstrider painting was going. I didn’t like anything I was doing so I changed the composition and background. This is a part of it. Way behind on it now. But I’m still hammering it out.

  • More Illustration work.

    Cartoon(ie) work I did a bit back for some fine folks.

  • Characters

    Some characters I did for a client. Had fun doing these very much.

  • Digital Painting

    Digital painting of a Warcraft Character. Enjoy!

  • Bored Kid

    Here is another little loop animation I put together. Enjoy.

  • Thor Girl Color

    So I wanted to try something new. This was pretty much all Photoshop. I wanted to try something new, a new way of coloring if you will.

  • Thor Girl Sketch

    And a Thor Girl. I saw a girl in spectacularly made Thor cosplay at Comic Con this year. She looked awesome and so I though…. Now that’s what I need to draw.

  • Bike girl Animation

    Here’s a little animation I put together. Just wanted a simple sort of retro thing. I think it turned out ok.

  • Catwoman Sketch

    Here’s a sketch of a Catwoman. I wanted to do it more like my favorite Catwoman, Julie Newmar.

  • Comic-Con 2012

    Came back from San Diego a couple of weeks ago. It was fantastic as it always is. I met many, many great people. This is a photo of the prints I had at the show. They were received extremely well and I was so happy to talk to everyone that stopped at our booth. Thank you all!

  • San Diego Comic-Con 2011

    Had an amazing time at the San Diego Comic-Con 2011. Met a lot of interesting people and had the pleasure to meet many fantastic artist as this was my first year presenting art in the Exhibitor’s Area. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table, and thank you for your support.

  • Finished Zelda fan art Print

    Finished the SDCC print I’m gonna be selling. Hope you guys like it.

  • From Das Book

    A few sketches from the book

  • Ico fan art

    Another fan art piece I’m working on for SDCC 11. I got a long ways to go on this…

  • Zelda Fan art

    One of the prints I’m working on for the SDCC this year.