• From Das Book

    A few sketches from the book

  • Ico fan art

    Another fan art piece I’m working on for SDCC 11. I got a long ways to go on this…

  • Zelda Fan art

    One of the prints I’m working on for the SDCC this year.

  • Speaking of which…

    This is the cover for the sketchbook and color art book I’ve been working on for about 2 years now. The lettering on the title was graciously done by my friend and artist extraordinaire Bill Halliar.



  • Ahoyhoy!

    Changing things up. I decided to change the site to a blog instead.  I built the old version myself and I made it much too impractical.  This is gonna make it a lot easier for me to upload finished art or just sketches.  Hope you guys like this better.