Adventure Time Trading Card Game Sketch Cards!

Ok, so I’ve been holding on to this since last year, but it was announced last week and now I can finally talk about it.


I was fortunate and humbly blessed to have been invited to contribute to the Adventure Time Trading Card Game Sketch Cards by the wonderful folks at Cryptozoic Entertainment and Cartoon Network.

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 7.08.51 PM

I had so much fun and I feel so lucky to have been included among a list of so many wonderful artists. You can read about the announcement here:

I feel extra lucky to have my name and a couple of my cards used on the Cryptozoic website.


Go pick up some Adventure Time Trading Card Game sets, booster packs, whatever. Its a beautiful game and if you’re lucky you may get a Sketch Card by one of the many talented artists. I made Illustrations of:
Lady Rainicorn
A few of Bubblegum Princess
Magic Man
The Lich
Breakfast Princess
Ghost Princess
Jungle Princess
Muscle Princess
Fionna and Ice Queen
…and more..

If you’re really, really lucky you might get a Special Oversized Sketch Redemption Card featuring Dual Totally Fabricated Wardrobe Patches. And these are really something special, you absolutely have to see these in person. Cryptozoic Entertainment has their finger on the pulse of Trading Card Game fans and they know how to absolutely blow their minds and these are a sure way.


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